SK-II Facial Treatment Essence review: Does it really work and is it worth the money?

6 May, 2020 - By Kristen Juliet Soh - the editorial director of Daily Vanity

Any beauty enthusiast worth her salt would have heard of the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, an iconic product that is known for harnessing the power of PITERA™, a proprietary active ingredient.

As it is a premium skincare product, you may want to know if the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence really works and is worth your money before you get your hands on one. Here’s a comprehensive review to find out.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence review: Does it really work?

The SK-II Facial Treatment is also affectionately known as the “miracle water” by fans and celebrities, and I was excited to review it for myself when I was sent a bottle. My first impression when I poured out the Facial Treatment Essence was how lightweight the formula is – in fact, I would have mistaken it as water. The essence leaves a very refreshing feeling on my skin once I applied it. My skin felt more hydrated and “bouncy”, and the dry areas around my lips and nose were soothed instantly.

My biggest skincare concern is probably dull and dehydrated complexion, which makes me look tired without makeup on. After three days of using it conscientiously day and night, I noticed that the usual dry spots on my face are less flaky, the redness around my nose is less obvious, and my overall complexion looked more radiant. I feel that my skin look less tired than it used to.

So if you ask me if the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence really works, I’d say that it does for me and I’m quite excited to see even more results as I continue to use it.

What is PITERA™, and how exactly does it benefit your skin?

Whenever we talk about SK-II products, especially the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, “PITERA™” is definitely mentioned. The star ingredient that’s found in every SK-II product is featured most prominently in the “miracle water”; more than 90% of the formula is composed of PITERA™!

The story of PITERA™ started in a sake brewery in Japan, where a chance observation of how an old toji’s (master brewer) youthful-looking hands were a stark contrast to his wrinkled face led to the creation of SK-II’s signature ingredient.

PITERA™ is derived from a special yeast strain exclusive to SK-II and is packed with amino acids, vitamins and minerals that are essential to skin health.

There are three main benefits of PITERA™ that can help skin with:

1. Retains skin’s natural functions: PITERA™ contains components that are similar to the natural moisturising factors (NMF) found in healthy skin. This helps skin stay hydrated and radiant.

2. Improves barrier function: Our skin is constantly susceptible to environmental aggressors that can cause dullness, dryness, and the appearance of wrinkles. PITERA™ is able to improve our skin’s barrier function so that it remains smooth despite exposure to these pollutants.

3. Prevents skin surface damage: Dullness and loss of radiance on the skin’s surface caused by external aggressors such as UV is prevented. PITERA™ helps skin stay radiant and clear.

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